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Career in Dance


Dance is one of the ancient arts which are available since the starting of the mankind. It can be performed in any mood of the person. People dance on their happy social occasions like marriages, parties, and other social events. There are many people who give their life to dance. They have to passion for doing anything for dance. They choose dance as their profession so that they can live their life with their favorite passion. There are many platforms where dance is required. Some of such platforms are as below:

• Arts Theater
• Movies
• Social events
• Award functions
• Fitness centers
• Dance studios
• TV shows

Even though there are many people who are willing to opt for dance careers still society has some problems with accepting dance as a career and most people expect their kids to take any other career opportunity which provides good income and status in the society. Nowadays with the introduction and successful running of the various dance based TV shows people are showing interest towards them. There are many choreographers who have gained fame in the dance field and are famous in the whole world. Dancers like Michael Jackson are known even to small kids and they feel him as inspiration in dance.

Many colleges are even providing courses for dance which are very helpful for the full time dance in Brisbane. They provide the technical details and techniques in various forms of dance. It is very important to learn the science in the dance to get the step correctly. There are many types of courses which can be short time or long time courses. Such university students are often employed by various companies for short term contract or permanent job basis. They attend various competitions nationwide and international wide representing their college.

Theatrical dance is often used for conveying a story or message. Many artists perform theater to fight various social issues and educating the people. It is very difficult to give a complete performance on stage before the live audience than performing a dance for a music video or a movie which can be done in multiple shots. The live performance needs a lot of practice so that it can be done without any mistakes and as the performance is live there are any chances that the audience catches the performer’s mistakes easily. The expressions have to be given correctly.

World level dance competitions provide a platform for performing various dance styles and each dance form has its own style and genre. Depending on the genre and style a dance can be choreographed. Generally, competitions are conducted based on performances on various dance forms and best performers are chosen as winners along with a prize. This improves their life along with their career which can make their life happier.